Why Every Business Needs an Audio-Video Production Team

An audio-video production team can help business in many aspects. They can serve as a marketing team, allowing you to publish digital adverts online. They can produce corporate videos to strengthen your brands or create training movies to make the employee onboarding process more efficient. They’re a profitable investment for any company.

Digital Marketing

Videos are one of the most popular forms of media online. As of 2017, 81% of businesses already use it as a marketing tool. This isn’t surprising, considering 500 million hours’ worth of video is being watched daily, worldwide. By the time 2020 arrives, 80% of all Internet traffic will be comprised by video content.

Audio Video Production

Using videos in marketing is proven to be effective. Before buying a product or service, 50% of consumers will look for a related clip, be it a review, demonstration or advert. Meanwhile, those who watch videos about products and services – particularly demonstration films – are 1.81 times more likely to make a purchase.

For businesses with websites – and that’s most companies in Australia – this form of media can help it be more successful. This is important for those who are opting to move their commerce online. Using audio-visual content on your landing page will result in a 27% higher click-through rate, as well as 34% higher conversion rates.

So, what do all these numbers mean for the business owner? Firstly, if you’re not taking advantage of the current demand for videos, you’re missing out. Your competitors are doing it, which gives them an advantage over your brand.

Secondly, videos are proven to be effective in influencing purchasing decisions online. Instead of focusing on traditional forms of advertising – most of which won’t deliver quick results – investing in videos is a more profitable venture. You won’t find another form of marketing with a higher return on assets.

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  • Corporate Uses

Apart from marketing, you can use these services in-house. Training videos are becoming more popular. It’s an easy, efficient way to ensure all your new staff is well trained. To add to this, you’re saving a lot of money in the long run. Whilst you’ll have to put spend some money initially, you can use it over and over within a period of years. You can even use it in several locations!

Studies show that people retain 80% of the information they watch in training videos. This is a lot, considering they only retain a fraction of the amount using traditional methods.

This only shows that video content is not only cost-effective and efficient – they’re more effective as well! Streamline your business and allow your brand to grow. These services can make a difference in your sales and bottom line.